"Company surviving the ‘coaldrums’ by gasifying coal"~ Latest Article posted on June 3, 2015

Second, we are determined to help our nation alleviate the
pressing air pollution and global warming problems our country faces. The clean-burning syngas we are now producing will do exactly that, and together with the clean burning syngas we will produce as a result of the Underground Coal Gasification-Carbon Capture and Storage process we have announced and for which  we have broken ground, we plan  to be producing 100,000 cubic meters of coking syn gas per hour and 180,000 cu meters of UCG produced syngas by the end of the 2015.   Thus we will make a significant contribution to the country’s well-being.

Click here to see CEO's speech at UCG groundbreaking  ceremony.

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In April of this year, after years of research and trials, we at Hongli made the historic and important decision to take advantage of our vast coal resources, our knowledge and expertise in producing high end coking products for steel manufacturers on the one hand and our close relationship with the North China Institute on the other hand, and the needs of China, to focus our energies on creating clean synthetic gas, syngas, in the coking process and also on producing syngas by processing our coal resources deep in the ground. 

We are committed to President Xi’s stated goal, which is to replace coal with cleaner energy sources.

We will strive to become one of China’s leading producers of clean energy products- products capable of generating new streams of high-margin revenue for our Company.

HONGLI CLEAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES CORP., a Florida corporation, is a vertically-integrated coal and coke processor that historically has used coal from both its own mines and that of third-party mines to produce basic and value-added coal products for steel manufacturers, power generators, and various industrial users. Most recently, Hongli has begun to produce synthetic gas during the coking process and will in 2015 begin producing syngas through its announced UCG (underground coal gasification) and CCS (carbon capture and storage).  The company also expects to begin producing Compressed Natural Gas ("CNG") in its coking gas facility in 2015.  Thus, Hongli is making the transition from an "old" energy company to a "new", green energy company through science and technology.