• Construction and operation of a new coking facility is expected to produce up to 900,000 tons of coke

  • Clean SynGas production as a by product of coking process to produce up to 25,000 cu meters per hour

  • Underground Coal Gasification, expected to be operational in March 2015 and producing 60,000 cu meters per hour in phase one, with additional phases building over time to over 880,000 cu meters per hour

  • Hongli was founded in 1996. Our main strategy through 2013 was coal deep processing and cleaning.

  • On February 18  2010, our company successfully listed on Nasdaq,  ticker SCOK. On July 27, 2015, company changed its name to Hongli Clean Energy Technologies Corp and its ticker to  CETC.

  • Our firm’s activities historically were comprised of processes involving our coal resources: coal washing, coking, power generation and fine chemicals and new coal materials.

  • We are a vertically integrated business to optimize the product mix depending on market conditions

  • Significant business growth opportunities